COVID-19 Updates:

It's now nearly September, over 5 months since schools closed, and we're still dealing with Covid-19 with no end in sight.  What surprises us here a Beyond Chicago Day Tours more than anything is that WeatherTech, the maker of outstanding auto and home products, has not made a carshield to separate drivers and passengers.  I would think that would be a no-brainer.  

If you must complain about Covid, please complain to WeatherTech and tell them to get on the ball.  There are a million taxi, limo, bus, and van drivers who would feel a little better if they had some protection between their guests and the themselves.  

We currently do not have a large enough supply of disinfectant and PPE's for our drivers/guests to safely operate.  As of today, we remain optimistic that we will be able to begin operating again sometime this summer.

When this has passed and our social interaction returns to normal, experiencing the outdoors with loved ones will be an important part of the recovery process, providing people with a sense of connection, interaction and celebration.

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